Posters, audio clips in policeman’s arsenal against coronavirus fight

As soon as the lockdown was announced, people made a beeline to shops selling vegetables and groceries in Rasta Peth, Somwar Peth and Nana Peth. Sub-inspector Prabhakar Kapure of Samarth police station realized the danger of people gathering in large numbers at shops and convinced the owners to pull down the shutters. He announced that the shops would open the next morning. Kapure along with the shop owners drew boxes on the road to help customers maintain social distancing. He also made some awareness posters, urging people to remain indoors and follow the principles of social distancing. “One of our constables, Sonal Makar, came up with idea of audio clips. Makar herself narrated the awareness messages, which were recorded. Then we hired four autorickshaws and installed speakers on them. The audio clips were played regularly in different areas,” Kapure said. Then naka bandi points were installed at the different chowks and roads in the Peth areas. “We identified two-wheelers and cars which were out on the road without any valid reason. At first, we decided to shame the drivers by asking them to hold printouts stating, ‘I am enemy of the society’ but the motorists continued to neglect the law and kept driving on the road. In the last few days we seized 352 motorcycles and scooters and issued warnings and notices to over 100 people,” he said. About four days ago, the police station received information that the around 10 to 12 families of construction workers had no food with them. We rushed to the site with food. Later, we contacted the builder and asked him to take care of their food requirements,” he said. On his way home, he calls his wife to switch on the geyser. “I remove my shoes after parking my motorcycle. My wife keeps the door open for me and I directly go to the bathroom and take a shower. I do not allow my two children to even come near me. I have to keep them away from me to ensure their safety,” he said.