You’ve got mail! It’s business as usual for post office employees

From helping the state government in distribution of essentials items to ensuring timely payment of pensions through electronic money orders, employees of the postal department are a busy lot during this lockdown. While there might be a dip in the regular letters received, but not in the services the department provide. When most of the world is working from home due to coronavirus, employees of the postal department who making a special effort to ensure that life becomes alittle easier for others. “All the 29 delivery offices across the city are working. Our postmen are delivering mail, electronic money orders (EMOs) and essentials items everywhere including the areas in curfew. In Ramganj alone, about 350 to 400 EMOs have been delivered,” said B L Bhatti, senior superintendent, postal division, Jaipur. There are 290 postmen across the city who are currently involved in distribution of electronic money orders and essential items supplied by the state government. Across the state there are about 1,400 providing these services. In Jaipur city alone, there are at least a lakh people who receive their state pension for old-age and widows through EMOs. “There are people who are getting their pensions after almost 12 months and they can hardly believe it that we have come to give them their money at such a time. I recently visited an elderly widow at Jai Lal Munshi ka Rasta in Chandpole who after receiving a year’s pension had tears in her eyes. She thanked me and blessed me a million times and that made all the effort worth it,’’ said 41year-old Rajinder Kumar, one of the postmen working in the Walled City areas. For those who do not have an account with the post office but want to reap the benefits of withdrawing money from their accounts in another bank, the postmen make it possible through India Post Payment Bank (IPPB) using Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS). “Across the state, 9,000 transactions of withdrawing money have been made during the lockdown period,” confirmed Bhatti. The department has divided its employees into two groups, which work from home on alternate days. It has provided the state government with three vehicles along with staff to provide door-to-door delivery of the essential goods in the city.